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How to Attract the Man of Your Dreams
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Of Love, Fate, and the Unconscious...
and the Art of Attracting a Man

The truth is, even when a woman convinces herself that she's not thinking about love, or not trying to be attractive, she is, consciously or unconsciously, doing countless little things to catch attract men's attention, or to drive men away, or, quite often, both.

And because most women don't give themselves permission to really think about the specifics of how they communicate and relate to men, they wind up attracting men by default... men who dissatisfy them. Or, for that matter, they wind up losing the men they want the same way they met them... unconsciously, and by default.

Handling Love "Unconsciously"
Often Means Repeating Your Old Mistakes

Sometimes, doing things unconsciously doesn't mean that you're doing them in an inspired way, and according to what Fate wants... sometimes, it just means that you're doing them, well, unconsciously. That is, without awareness, without sensitivity, without curiosity; that, in fact, you're doing stuff, without a clue as to what you're doing... even, and especially, if you find yourself doing these things time and time again.

This practice women are taught, of not giving themselves permission to really understand the specifics of how they relate to men, is part of something larger: The Patience Model. The Patience Model is the idea that a woman has to wait for some man to choose her... and that it's wrong for a woman to secretly choose who she wants, and then subtly lead him into chasing eagerly after her.

"Waiting for Mr. Right" Often Means
Winding Up with Mr. Barely Adequate

The Patience Model tends to leave you with a very limited range of choices: basically, only those offered directly to you. That is, with the Patience Model, your only real shot is with men who, seeing you wait around and therefore pumped up with a temporary shot of I-guess-she-doesn't-have-any-other-options courage, decide to approach you. Typically, these men will be of approximately your level of attractiveness-- or often, much lower.

The Patience Model lines you up next to all the other women in the room, forcing you to compete against other women on the basis of who looks prettiest and most available. And you're competing for men who you might not really want to be chosen by.

Of course, if a woman is prepared to settle for whatever men luck brings her way, then the Patience Model is fine; but the more that a woman wants a truly high-quality man, one who can satisfy her for the long-term, the more that she'll need to bring awareness and intent and conscious choice to bear.

If You Want to Attract Men-- QUALITY Men--,
You Must Take Action.

The more choice you want, the more you need to give yourself permission to notice the world around you, and the more you must be willing to give yourself permission to take subtle but effective action.

Remember: A woman who keeps herself from really understanding men's energies, increases the odds of being seduced by her own loneliness into either relationships that are wrong for her, or into despair or even bitterness. Understanding men and what really attracts them, on the other hand, opens doorways that would remain otherwise hidden-- doorways into love, connection, and lasting emotional fulfillment.

What do most women not know, about how to keep a man interested? What do most articles and romance guides and talk show hosts never tell women?

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The Truth About Men and Women...
and the Art of Attracting Men

The vital truth, when it comes to attracting men, seducing men, understanding men, and truly and deeply connecting with men, is that men and women really are different; the things that would attract and impress you usually hold little meaning for men. And, conversely, men can be excited and compelled and rendered passionate by things that, to most women, seem rather silly. Yet, by understanding and utilizing a man's hidden triggers, a woman can inspire a man to behave in ways that make her feel wonderful, spiritually, sexually, and emotionally... and, what's more, to love doing it, so that he hungers to please her over and over again.

At this point, you might think, Well, men and women may behave differently... but that's just social conditioning. In a state of nature-- if there weren't society and magazines and movies and social traditions-- men and women would be alike, and a man would finally understand what I'm feeling!

The underlying fact is this: Just as men's and women's bodies are different, men's and women's brains are different. Measurably, physically different. Some parts of the brain are proportionately bigger in women's brains than in men's; other parts are proportionately bigger in men's brains than women's. Men's and women's brains are doused with different neurochemicals, in different proportions, early in life; men's and women's brains even form and recall memories differently, each using different neurochemicals for this process.

Bluntly, men and women behave differently, and prioritize things differently, because they think differently; they think differently, because they perceive the world differently; and because they perceive the world differently, they live in different worlds.

Is this a tragedy? It can be, when you don't let yourself accept that a man naturally lives and breathes in a different atmosphere than you do. But if you do let yourself accept this, and then ask, How can I make this fun?, then you and he can be transported together into a third, hidden realm-- a realm hidden to the women he's known before--, and now an entirely new universe of emotional and erotic possibility can open up to you...

Of Particle and Wave...
and Understanding How to Attract a Man

It's helpful to think of men as experiencing the world through particles, and women as experiencing the world through waves.

What does that mean?

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LOVE Facts Every Woman Needs to Face:
  • A man won't even notice you if you're not his type (BUT there's a secret doorway into his heart and devotion... an emotional doorway even he doesn't know about!)

  • A man's physical desire will naturally fade... and he'll try to hide this... UNLESS you FIX this budding love-problem by using the hidden doorway to male passion and energy... NATURALLY built into the male mind!

  • Conventional dating advice sounds great... but it actually drives men away!
    Being nice... or being tough and demanding... or being "confident"... are all irrelevant to keeping a man, and creating lasting passion!

  • The male brain is physically different from yours!

    To speak to his heart and his emotions, you have to use words in a very surprising style!
  • The REAL doorway into a man's heart is nothing like what your friends, family, and the "romance industry" have told you!
"Everything you write helps my relationships because you zero in and explain how men feel better than anything else i've ever read. you explain things very clearly and most women don't naturally know these things..."
--C. D., US
Unlike What Hollywood Wants You to Think...
Cleopatra Actually Wasn't a Great Beauty.

It wasn't her looks that kept Caesar twisted round her finger...
or her whims that kept Antony affixed at her ankle.

Want to know what made her a ruler not just of territory but men's hearts... what made these men of power crave her... desire her... die for her?

It was simple:

She understood the male mind.

The male soul. The burning hunger at its root.

She Understood the One Specific Craving
All Emperors and Warriors Have...

the craving that's inside EVERY man...

even if it's half-asleep and half-forgotten.

When you understand this...

You'll be able to make any man a hero...

And he will crave YOU, because you can reach him and inspire him in ways no other woman can!

STOP Being "Patient" and a Good Little Girl...
It's Time to Be Worshiped and Craved...
By a Powerful, Exciting Man Who Wants
to Put the World at Your Feet!

Want this kind of love, right now?

What kind of self-respecting woman doesn't?

How beaten down does a woman have to be... in order to give up her heart's desire... just because everyone says (or secretly thinks!) she can't have this kind of love?

is Putting Aside the LIES
You've Been Told About Men

The truth is this:

Men are extremely easy to understand... to inspire... to enchant and emotionally addict!


They are COMPLETELY different from you!

Their actual emotions and drives do not match up with what a woman's common-sense and intuition, and the advice of her female friends, tells her! (Neuroscientists are now telling us that a man's brain is actually physically different from a woman's brain... and that's scary for some people... but it's a big advantage for those who have the courage to accept natural difference... and learn about it... and use it to connect more deeply!)


Most of a woman's ideas about what attracts men are formed when she is young... but people are most physically attractive when they are young. And when you're a young and attractive woman, pretty much anything you do or say can be interpreted as attractive... just because men are so attracted to a young woman's looks!

(It's the same thing with love advice and dating tips from very attractive women--

never trust it, because women like that have been coasting on their looks...

maybe without even knowing it!)

His Brain Doesn't Work Like Yours Does...
So to Reach His Heart,
You Have to Use the Secret Emotional
Language of the Male Mind

"In a nutshell [Doorway to Love] spelled it all out completely - how to really connect with a man at his soul and source, and how to communicate with him that YOU are the one that he needs in his life. I loved it."
--Leslie. F., CALIFORNIA

You Really Can Learn How to Attract Men-- and Then Keep Them Passionately Loving You.

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